Our Formula:

Strategic Planning + Implementation + Disciplined Management = Realization of your business vision, operating cost reduction and the key to your organization's success.

CIOCG provides C-Level leadership without C-Level costs.

Proven Business Leadership

CIO Consulting Group combines enterprise experience and established leadership in business and technology to deliver effective solutions to optimize your business. More
Convert Your Technology Vision to Reality

Appropriate technology is critical to your organization's success. With technology changing constantly and representing a considerable portion of your corporate budget, business executives simply do not have the time to spend on this critical area while still running the day-to-day business. CIO Consulting Group is your answer to this dilemma.
  March 15, 2010

CIOCG joins Microsoft Partner Network

Being the best at what we do is impacted by the company we keep

CIO Consulting Group builds strong partner relationships to provide our customers business advantages. We utilize these partnerships to maintain the highest level in our processes and knowledge thus offering our clients a greater value proposition.

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